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MOSAIC simplifies our subscribers’ critical relationships through automation and economies of scale developed for our own multi-billion-dollar business.  

Our subscribers are regulated financial institutions and organizations around the world – large and small – with the highest standards of corporate governance.  We work with d investment advisors, banks, broker dealers, insurance companies, family offices, and even individual wealth managers.

MOSAIC is a modern home for you and for your most valuable client relationships.  We provide you with custody, reporting, execution, and simple access to some of the world’s most sophisticated investment strategies under one roof and through a single portal.

Call us at (801) 921-4580 or email us at info@mosaic.online to learn more about how we can work together.

We work with financial services firms around the world.

We work with financial services firms around the world.


We work with senior management teams and boards of directors who recognize the costs and pressures of adapting to sea changes in the larger market.  To these leaders, MOSAIC represents a strategic decision to adopt best practices from the largest markets:

  1. Focus on consistently excellent service

  2. Optimize core client relationships

  3. Delegate non-core functions to subject matter experts

With our help, large firms focus on core competencies and trust non-core activities to MOSAIC:


Client Relationships Account Reporting

Investment Advice Product Research

Custody Portfolio Management Software

Transparency Transparent Systems Access

High Margin Activity Low Margin Activity

MOSAIC is expert in these activities and solves for each factor attractively, efficiently, and cost effectively.


Turnkey Asset Management Systems, like MOSAIC’s, have transformed the landscape for American investment advisors.  Never before have so few people been able to do so much for so many.  We bring that American capability to the international market with MOSAIC:


Assets of all sizes and shapes are held with the largest custodial banks around the world.  Safekeeping is seldom safer.


Global orders are received, processed, settled, reconciled, and confirmed around the clock…and at excellent prices. 


We recommend specific online templates that suit your needs, and your clients’ needs (and our reports look better than the competition’s).


MOSAIC cost effectively satisfies appropriate regulatory authorities that your work is compliant and auditable.


We earn our place as a screen on your desk, not a box in your office.  MOSAIC’s portfolio management systems, order execution systems, advisor portals, client portals, rebalancing, reporting, accounting, etc. are hosted in a secure, low-overhead-cost environment.  


Product research is an essential, and time-consuming business that distinguishes your firm from the rest.  MOSAIC offers products and services that have been researched and vetted, that encourage advisors to regularly call their clients with ‘Look what I found!’.


MOSAIC facilitates both investment banking, and financing for subscribers’ assets held in custody.

Highly leveraged lean operations make the most of the best people in their organizations by giving them modern tools at great prices.


We’re there for the chief cook and bottle washer. 

With just a phone and a laptop, a single person can manage two relationships - their key clients, and MOSAIC.

In 2017, our subscriber managed $100 million in an internationally broker dealer with multiple and diverse relationships for custody, execution, compliance, and systems.  In 2018, he set out with MOSAIC, simplified his relationships, and saved more than $600,000 that went straight to his bottom line.

In 2019, a good team, or even a good captain, can compete with the best without giving up anything!

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