Mosaic is an online portal with an engine that runs a money management business. All of the pieces are there; custody, reporting, execution, and access to state-of-the-art money management tools, to name a few—all of the pieces put together seamlessly. Mosaic improves a company's capabilities and adds new competencies, while lowering costs and freeing up time. 

Mosaic Blue – Advisor Portal

Mosaic Blue is a ‘turn-key’ solution for an institution with money management responsibility for their clients.  It includes a portal for the advisor, and also a portal for that advisor’s clients. 

Through the advisor-portal, an advisor is able to execute, manage and even auto-rebalance his client’s accounts.  He has access to investment selection support and performance analysis, including advanced analytics for flexible performance measurement and composite management.  The advisor sees a summary dashboard with key account and relationship information and has a comprehensive view of his clients through Mosaic’s client management applications; including monitoring of held away assets.

The advisor’s clients log into the client-portal and see an intuitive dashboard with key account information and industry news.  They can see summarized account, investment, and holding information; as well as an overview of all account activity, updated daily. There is robust document viewing, sharing and uploading capability; allowing for back-and-forth between the advisor and the client; which assists with client risk profiling, generating account objectives, and new-account on-boarding.  The client-portal is white-labeled, using the advisory firm’s branding – logo, colors, IP address, etc.

Mosaic Green – Manager Portal (launch Q4 2018)

Mosaic Green will be launched several months after the launch of Mosaic Blue and is for firms already using Mosaic Blue.  In addition, Mosaic Green is for firms that don’t need the Advisor & Client Portal (Mosaic Blue), but want to enhance their in-house money management capabilities.

Mosaic Green is a true Unified Managed Account (UMA) platform, curated especially for professional money managers.  It includes sleeve of sleeve investing with the click of a mouse; automatically reported daily down to the individual client-holding level.  These sleeves include third-party money manager’s strategies, accessed on Mosaic for a fraction the cost of going directly to the manager.

Portfolio managers will have access to powerful model management and portfolio analytic tools on Mosaic Green. Drift analysis, exposure management and risk metrics performance analytics are included.  Post-trade compliance and regulatory reports are all a part of Mosaic Green.

It’s not just financial institutions that benefit from a relationship with Mosaic.  Regulators sleep well knowing their registrants have a system in place that demands best-practices from top to bottom – if you’re on the Mosaic platform, best-practices are built-in.  They understand that clients are receiving transparent and fair advice and implementation.

Advisors have all the tools they need necessary to run their business with one relationship.  The scale that Mosaic brings allows the advisor to run his business extremely cost effectively.  Firms with professional money management in-house (banks, broker-dealers, and large advisory firms) get a white-labeled platform on day-one.  There is no need for the cost and effort to build it themselves as the most state-of-the-art platform available is delivered directly by Mosaic.