“Simplify then add lightness.”

Colin Chapman, Lotus Cars founder

We spend time with our subscribers, learning what is important to them.

We think it is important to simplify their critical relationships and to lighten their load.

This is why they think MOSAIC is important…


Subscribers always describe the importance of delivering consistently high levels of service to their clients, and the challenges of meeting their own standards of excellence in every aspect of a rapidly evolving environment.

For these subscribers, MOSAIC represents a simple solution to focus on their core service business. They rely on their stable and responsive relationship with us to delegate critical, but non-core functions to our team.


Developing a compliance strategy demands time, effort, and liability from the most senior leaders of regulated entities.  Meeting complex, demanding, and expanding compliance standards is a full-time job solved by effective hiring, systems, and capital deployment.

Outsourcing to MOSAIC is the simple solution.  Critical staffing has already been done.  Appropriate regulatory and legislative strategy and documentation to meet compliance requirements have been drafted and implemented.  Systems and internal controls have already been developed, tested, and approved.


Our most sophisticated subscribers highlight two critical factors in their decision making during budgeting – total cost of ownership vs. alternative options, and opportunity cost.

Efficiencies of scale matter.  For firms managing $100MM, it costs more than 80 basis points to approximate MOSAIC’s basic functions.  To replicate MOSAIC’s quality of products and services costs approximately 150 basis points.  MOSAIC simply costs less than doing it yourself.

But, MOSAIC’s best defining value is opportunity cost.  By simplifying low-margin relationship management, MOSAIC’s subscribers focus more time and effort on increasing performance and/or adding new business.