Mosaic Exchange is a proprietary and integrated element of the MOSAIC platform

On Mosaic Exchange, MOSAIC subscribers can list ‘exotic’ contracts and initiate peer-to-peer exchanges with transparent pricing and instant settlement around the world.  

Development began in 2018 as part of our $30 million investment in the MOSAIC platform, and uses sophisticated software that underlies national stock exchanges.

Mosaic Exchange may not be a (r)evolution in the lawful, safe, exchange of value

Lots of groups are trying some pretty incredible things. But, credibility is key to our value proposition.  Our activity is subject to regulatory oversight.  Our personnel are experienced and registered with securities regulators.  Mosaic Exchange’s instruments are sophisticated and issued under common laws, and our systems architecture has been tested and approved by securities regulators.  

None of this is new.  We just do things a little differently.  We do things well, and we do things fast.  Very fast.  

Give us a call to learn more.  You know where to find us.


Mosaic Exchange connects people and ideas around the world

Mosaic Exchange works with financial institutions to reach a global market for great people, ideas, and capital…

 Great People

Entrepreneurs, business owners, shareholders, and managers create opportunities for investment.

Investment dealers and investment bankers bring opportunities to investors and list them on Mosaic Exchange.

Institutional investors, insurance companies, banks, and financial advisors invest in rare opportunities, uncorrelated with traditional market benchmarks.

Professional traders, risk managers, and family offices embrace a robust alternative market to rebalance and trade portfolios that reflect their most up-to-date views of the market.

Great Ideas

Mosaic Exchange simplifies capital markets by connecting investors directly to cash flows with an indelible, immutable, and auditable record of opportunities like these:

  • Portfolio companies’ performance from private equity firms

  • Oil and solar production from energy companies

  • Developing athletes from sports agents

  • Collectors’ cars and works of art from auction houses, galleries, and private collections

  • Models and new artists from talent agencies and record labels

  • Film production and distribution from movie studios

  • Individual drug candidates from pharmaceutical companies

  • Food, wine, and textiles from farmers, wholesalers, and mills

  • Specific buildings from private real estate holdings

  • Second order derivatives of managed funds and structured products

  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects from governments

  • Intellectual property licensing from inventors and creators